The power of value creation – Amazon case study

Have you ever bought a new android phone and directly uninstalled Amazon?

Probably not! Here’s why.

The Amazon shopping app comes pre-installed with almost every android device nowadays!

Everyone hates bloatware and wants to get rid of the apps which come pre-installed.

But in Amazon’s case, it is completely different.

The amount of value it provides is so high that it is not uninstalled by users, in fact, I’ve heard people say

“Acha h Amazon pre-installed hai”

Moral – Provide such amounts of value to your audience/customers/clients that it becomes difficult for them to avoid you!

I also asked 14 people (small sample size for reference) about their opinion and only 1 mentioned uninstalling the app that too because it was their parents’ device and they don’t use Amazon. smh.

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