Profit by reviewing products for 60 Minutes Per Day!

Time to Profit by reviewing products!

Still not making a dime online? Time to change that. The 100-day challenge to become an independent product reviewer with a good amount of traffic!

So why are you not making money online? The reasons are simple:

1. You don’t have the cash to start with
2. Not enough time to work on an online business
3. You do not have any experience online.

Can you relate to this?

Well! Give this a try!

Here is The 100-day challenge to become an independent product reviewer with a good amount of traffic!

Step 1 – Setup a WordPress website, add at least five blogs about your category. Anything, you only need five blogs. It will also help you get in the content generation mindset and warm up your skills. You will choose your category in step 3.

Step 2 – Signup as an amazon affiliate.

Step 3 – Start reviewing every product you/your mom, dad, grandparents, friends, colleagues ever bought – tech, clothing, and beauty work best (Choose one category only – if beauty is what you go for, only review products of this category. Please do not do one tech, one this, and one that. Be a specialist as a reviewer.

Step 4 – Add links to buy the product on Amazon 3 times on every product review – Once before the fold, once in the middle of the blog, and one at the end (Affiliate link, obviously!)

Step 5 – Make sure every review is in detail and has appropriate images to explain your words. Use your phone to click those images. Aim for 1200-2000 words and mention the product/gadget name in an H1, H2, H3, and H4 tag – Explain every detail.

Step 6 – Share your product/gadget reviews in Facebook groups at least five groups, your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta story with a link in bio gif and share it on Whatsapp with your friends (the more, the merrier)

Step 7 – Create a Pinterest account and pin every review with a proper banner image (use Canva to create one), title, description.

Step 8 – Be consistent and select weekdays to publish your post and stick to it no matter what.

Do this 100 times in 100 days!

If you do this just as mentioned, you will be shocked by the results.

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