How to use Instagram for maximum impact

Instagram is one of the most powerful and under-utilized social networks out there. If you haven’t signed up for an account, you’re missing out. Use the below information to get you started with a few ideas on what you could share on this popular photo-sharing site.

Post Consistently

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram account is by posting consistently. Once a week or once a month is better than never. And there’s no better content than images. People love to look at pretty pictures. So if you want to grow your Instagram, one of the best things you can do is provide your audience with an endless supply of beautiful photos.

Yes everyone asks you to post consistently, believe me, it is one of the most ignored piece of advice in terms of growing a business page on Instagram. No one wants to put in the time but everyone wants the exponential results.

Start with Reels

As an online marketer, you know that it is essential to test, test, test. So why not test on Instagram? You can do this by using “Reels.” “Reels” are like mini-videos. They let you show rather than tell. And they’re perfect for proving a point, making a sale, or growing an audience. The thing you need to know is, you cannot post more than once on Instagram in fact you should but that completely depends on your business niche the goals and targets around it, and much more.

You should only use “reels” when you have something interesting to say. Think of them as mini-videos that help you say what you have to say in a more effective way. Like a mini-ad but only if you would be happy playing it at the super bowl interval.

Make every post count!

Instagram gives you a space to create really cool, totally customized content. And it’s so simple to do. Just take a photo, write a few words, and hit “post.” But beware. It’s easy to post once or twice a week and think you are on top of things. But if you let it go too long between posts, your audience will begin to forget about you. They’ll stop paying attention. So keep ’em engaged! A little “engagement” goes a long way.

Absolutely nothing will do more to grow your Instagram account than regularly posting high-quality, highly visual images. Use Hashtags Hashtags are what you use to organize and search for content on Instagram. There are no rules when it comes to hashtags. You can use as many 29 or as few as you want. But here are a few tips: Try not to use more than 6 tags per image. It makes it hard for people to find your images. And post regularly. Add new relevant hashtags every week. This will make it easier for people to find and re-share your content.

And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Just make sure you have a plan in place before testing. And always test. Test with your best content. Test with existing fans. Test with prospects. Test with paid ads. Don’t worry about making mistakes. More often than not, the very best ideas come from people who are NOT following all the rules.

Engage with similar Instagram pages!

You must be constantly on the cutting edge of social media. Constant vigilance is the price of admission. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself way behind the eight ball and too far left field. Your competition will be using every new hot button term you aren’t aware of. They’ll be blogging, posting on Facebook, tweeting, pinning, and you won’t even know they’re doing it until it’s too late. You have to know what’s going on right now. What people are talking about. What their latest crazes are. If you don’t keep up, you could wake up one day and find your business has been scooped by a competitor who was way ahead of you… because… you weren’t paying attention.

Dropping a comment and a like doesn’t take forever. Engage with other people’s content just like you want them to. If you like something, share the post with your audience and maybe add an emoji poll of how do they feel about that post. You can also share reels on your story and add emoji polls which again improves engagement significantly.

Keep up with the latest trends and memes!

One of the first things I teach people who want to be successful on social media is this: You MUST be on top of the very latest trends and memes. This is true whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other social media platform you may choose to use. It’s just as important (if not more) on those platforms as it is on your own website. There’s nothing sadder than a page that keeps posting the same template-based content over and over. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep up with the trends, keep an eye on the new players, and don’t get left behind. You can find all the info you need only if you want to…

Create a Social Media Calendar

You need to stay on top of the current events and conversations happening in your niche. There are so many changes going on in social media, it can be difficult to keep up. A social media calendar helps you make sure you’re not missing any important conversations or events. Plus, staying connected to what’s popular helps you create even more buzz for your own offerings. Your calendar will help you post business-related content and have mental peace on days where you have no time to create posts. It will also help you create more trend-related posts depending on what’s hot on that specific day.

There is much more to Instagram but these steps would definitely give you a huge boost when growing your Instagram.

Do you use Instagram to promote your business? If so, this is the place for you! Our team of writers regularly post great tips and tricks for using this fun platform to grow your business. Keep growing, Stay tuned. Until next time…

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