Social Media Marketing for Corporate Services (Guide)

So one of the biggest challenges most Internet Marketing professionals face is Social Media marketing for corporate services specially for those who offer their services at high price points!

Before we start please feel free to share your tips and experience in promoting companies/individuals.

social media for corporate services
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Corporate Services

1. It improves credibility.
2. Helps tap into new markets.
3. Increase traffic to website.
4. Influences user decision.
5. Helps grab a chunk of market share!

Cons of Social Media for Corporate Services

1. It needs time and effort for co-ordinating and creating content for social media.
2. Doesn’t increase sales directly.
3. A lot of criticism depending on your business category (eg. GDPR consulting services i.e General Data Protection Regulation Services)
4. More Social Media more hate, some people will always try to tip you on what you should post and what people you should target (Note – Listen to them but don’t lose your s#!t)

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My take on Social Media for Corporates

1. Post industry trends and share content which is already there! (Articles by good known publications vouching for your business vertical)
2. Create content answering questions asked like why, when, how do I need these services.
3. Make sure to post the human side of your services (Events, Parties, Weekend funs – Well clicked photos of people interacting with each other combined with a caption explaining why)

4. Position you/your company with some good words on trusted business blogs.
5. Create your own blog and focus on topics which target “how your business will help your customers”
Or “how much will your services help them save whether it be money or time” and more topics like these.
6. Re-direct all your socail traffic to one single landing page/squeeze page if possible (helps in analytics specially when you offer high ticket services)

7. Post easy to understand stuff for f**k sake don’t complicate it because your client is not as smart as you are!
8. Do 75% of your social media on LinkedIn, this one came in last but it’s heavier than last scenes of titanic!

why social media for corporates
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When to opt-in for Social Media?
Now, Right away, Do it! My mentor always says this and I firmly believe it – try and lose before saying it doesn’t work!

Why Social Media Marketing?

If your niche is too Corporate and only offers services, there’s a good chance no one is bitc#ing about it on the internet. It’s time you start doing it before someone eats away valuable market share.

Final thoughts/tips on Social Media for Corporate Services

1. Keep creating content till you figure out what’s working for you (location/demographic)

2. Don’t expect your business to become a Forture 500 just by doing cool s#!t on the internet (social media is like MSG for Chinese food – It enhances what you offer)

3. So it’s really not hard but but but is time consuming and needs tons of effort/content creation money, design stuff, optimization and consistency.

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Statistics on why you should opt-in for Social Media Marketing
1. 90% of Millennials, 77% of Generation X, and 48% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.
2. Users spend an average of 142 minutes per day on Social Media platforms (Grow your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
3. 91% of these users access Social Media via mobile devices.
4. Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users.

Few examples of what you can do
1. Create content which offers value to the potential clients even before they are interested in using your services.
2. Promote your work culture and fun activities on Social Media to increase reach and engagement.
3. Establish/Develop the Core Team’s Social Media accounts and push them to share content describing their thoughts about the industry and slowly start sharing content created on the business page (Out of 5 posts keep 1 talking about your company and its services)
4. Engage with other brands/companies Social Media (Engaging with well established brands will help you increase your audience and potential clients for your services – Example)

If you are still confused on what you should do on Social Media just find a good competitor and improve what they’re already doing


None of the competitors are found just be the pioneer and drop the hammer. I believe each and every business can benefit.

Thanks for reading this article!

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Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy
4 years ago

Awesome tips bro and you made this article fun!

4 years ago

Great post man!