Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Every business wants to be the best and needs a good digital strategy. Today I’m going to share Digital Marketing Tips you need to implement right now for your business and start leveraging the power of the internet.

Wikipedia explains Digital marketing as the component of marketing that utilizes internet and other digital media and platforms to promote services and products.

Let’s assume you are trying to find some service you need. The first thing you will do is go on a search engine mostly Google and type in the keywords.

If you or your business come up in the search for that specific search query than it means you are onto something & your digital marketing efforts are working.

Today I am going to share tips on Digital Marketing for 3 key areas every business needs to cover when creating a digital strategy, so let’s begin:

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Business Website

  • Update your website with all the services/products you offer, make sure the content is readable and easy to understand.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly and loads faster, every 1 second of delay in website loading can result in you losing 30% traffic.
  • Focus on creating good titles, descriptions and optimized images for your web pages.
Make sure to optimize your website for geo-targeted keywords, it all begins with local customers! Click To Tweet
  • When creating content for your website avoid being too technical about your services and focus on what the end user wants to see!
  • Make sure your website has a SSL certificate to avoid browsers from showing your website as not secure, https websites are more liked by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

People keep saying the big players eat away all the market share but what can I do being a small business or a startup?

Below are a few digital marketing tips for startups and small businesses, implement these and be amazed by the results.

  • Start a business blog and create content which focuses on solving a problem (eg. Tips, Industry updates etc.)
  • Optimize your Google business page and properly add your services, business hours and contact details.
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  • Add geo-targeted keywords to your services and make sure to target keywords which include “near me” or “your service keyoword + your location” (eg. digital marketing services in India)
  • Add engaging images on your website and properly add “alt-tags” for every image.
When you complete a project, make sure to get the client's review on your Google listing, this helps increase your credebility. Click To Tweet
  • Try guest posting on blogs who focus on writing content about your business category and ask for a link back to your business website.
  • Make sure you create proper links for your pages (eg. https://rahmanhajati.com/digital-marketing-tips)

Social Media

One of the most important areas which plays a key role in your digital marketing strategy is Social Media Marketing.

You can read my previous blog on social media marketing for corporate services for more details.

  • Make sure to at least have your business page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with proper brand identity and descriptions.
  • Post at least every other day on the above mentioned platforms, specially LinkedIn.
  • Make sure to highlight your services in your social media posts but at the same time don’t be “too much”
  • Create a digital strategy which focuses on sharing knowledge and creating a community.
  • Highlight the benifits and perks of working with you and your company – the culture matters!
  • Engage with other pages which create content similar to your services, not your competitors but other social influencers who promote and create content in your business category.
  • Show the human side of your company. I can’t emphasize on how important this digital marketing tips is. Create posts when you attend events, conferences etc.

Digital Marketing tips for Search Advertising

This advice depends on the marketing budget of a business.

  • Create a landing page which show cases on your services and form which customers/clients can fill to connect with your business.
  • Identify the keywords you want to target and create the content accordindly.
  • Make sure to add negative keywords to your ad campaigns to avoid getting clicked for keywords which have free, download etc. again it completely depends on your strategy but I would recommend starting with basic ad strategy and slowly scaling it up depending on the reach and conversions you get.

63% of people said they’d click on a Google ad.

Search Engine Land, 2019
  • Optimize the URL for your ad campaign to have the main keyword your business focuses on, this is more of a personal preference since it improves reach and ad click.
  • Try keeping your business name out of the precious ad content since it is already highlighted in the landing page URL.
  • Explain your USP in short and why your services are better compared to your competitors. Focus on pricing, time, deliverables and quality!
  • Avoid using short forms, your customers aren’t as technical or have the amount of knowledge about your services.

43% of new customers buy something they saw in a YouTube ad.


More Digital Marketing Tips to remember

Do not avoid new social media platforms in your digital strategy, at least give it a try. Hi TikTok! Click To Tweet
  • Create and publish content in every possible form whether it be a social media post, a youtube video or an infographic.
  • Get more audience engagement by creating engaging content followed by a reward (eg. quiz, giveaways)
  • Avoid using copied content when creating blogs, trust me the search engines are smart enough to figure it out!
  • Be regular, post in a timely manner and maintain a calender for your digital marketing efforts.
  • Create an email marketing strategy, specially if you are already collecting emails via your website’s landing page or blog.

If this article helped you make sure to share it with your friends, colleagues, or whoever you think needs to read it.

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