The Ultimate Social Media Strategy {Evergreen}

Social media marketing is one of the most important elements of promoting your business online!

There are tons and tons of pages and brands created every single day but very few succeed, one of the reasons being the irregularities in creating content and then having a strategy in place.

Before you create your social media strategy here are 7 points to remember when creating your social media strategy.

1. Brand Guidelines: Following rules and having checklists to create posts in place will always help you scale your social media planning significantly.
2. Competitor Analysis: Know what your competitors are doing, competition is always great to achieve growth.
3. Post Timings: Know and understand the best time to post, you can use your competitors to analyze when is the right time.
4. Consistent Design: This is what makes and breaks a social media plan, when creating posts make sure you follow a design theme – if 2D artworks are what you design make sure there are no sudden 3D elements in your design.
5. Value Creation: Make sure at least 60% of your content creates some re-call and value for your visitors. Emotional triggers might also yield great results but they sometimes backfire.
6. Finalizing the Channels: Before you start creating content on a rampage, finalize the platforms you are going to post on!
7. Engage: Like, Share and Comment. Yes, it is very crucial to let people know that you don’t just leech follows and likes but also share them open-heartedly!

Once you have all this ready you can proceed to create your social media strategy

Here are the only 4 steps you need to create an amazing social media strategy!
1. Jump on trends and create content that either has humor or relates to the trend while highlighting your business or the niche topic.
2. Post regularly and make sure everything goes on your stories
3. Create a hashtag strategy: 3 low volume hashtags 3 mid-level volume hashtags and 2 high volume hashtags.
4. Plot everything on a calendar and schedule the majority of your posts.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure you diversify your content and post it on multiple social media platforms.

Any sudden ban on a social media platform won’t affect you unless you are completely depending on a single platform. Always diversify!

Be creative and humorous. If you can combine these 2 magical words with your content you will become unstoppable and your page will not only grow but start generating amazing business results!

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